Trustee Election

Trustee Election

Are you interested in running for your cooperative’s Board of Trustees?


There are two (2) three-year seats up for election in 2018 on North Western Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees. If you are an eligible candidate and can commit the time and energy to your cooperative, then you may want to consider this opportunity.

During the 2017 Annual Meeting a change to the nomination process was voted on and accepted by all attending members. The new process as described in ARTICLE IV, Section 4 of the North Western Electric Cooperative Code of Regulations requires eligible members who are interested in being placed on the 2018 Official Ballot to complete and submit a petition. Members in the districts up for election in 2018 were informed of this process by letter or email and that shall serve as notification of a request for petitions in those districts.

The two districts to be voted on at the 2018 Annual Meeting are District 1 comprised of Northwest, Florence and St. Joseph townships in Williams County and District 2 comprised of Milford, Hicksville and Carryall townships in Defiance County. The incumbents in each of these districts has chosen to remain a candidate and will automatically be placed on the ballot.

The process to become a member of the North Western Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees is simple. Either contact our office to obtain a list of the qualifications for being a trustee and a petition form or download the forms below. Talk with your neighbors who are also North Western Electric Cooperative members (electric account holders only) to ask them to nominate you by signing your petition; one signature per member (electric account holder only).

District 1

Andrew Farnham

District 2

Mitchel Headley


The completed petition form must be returned to the co-op office no later than January 19, 2018. All petitions will be verified and only those meeting the qualifications will be placed on the ballot for the April 21, 2018 election.

District 1 & 2 Nomination Letter

Petition Packet